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Carla Wainwright is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, co-founder of Chinook Yoga Studio, and creator of Embracing Shakti Temple and Embracing Shakti Movement. Known for her devotion to feminine wisdom and empowerment, she supports women in her online temple, free journeys, and also through international retreats.

Over her 23+ year teaching career, Carla has led over 40 retreats, trained more than 100 yoga teachers, and has taught thousands of students in practices from Yin Yoga to Vinyasa and Pre-Natal.

She is a former senior faculty member of the SOYA Yoga Teacher Training Program, is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500) and is also a member of the International Yoga Teachers Association and the International Breathwork Foundation. 

Carla also uses her platform to highlight awareness to global issues including social justice, sex trafficking, and women. Her charities of choice are Guria India, Moon Time Sisters, and Native Women’s Association of Canada.

She lives in Prince George with her husband, children and beloved pets. You can find her on Instagram @carlawainwright. 

SPEAKING OR INTERVIEW INQUIRIES: Please email carla@carlawainwright.com

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A community devoted to sisterhood, Shakti and way of the feminine, the Embracing Shakti Temple is a safe and sacred place for women to gather, connect and explore their feminine wisdom.




The Embracing Shakti Movement is a virtual 13 day journey focused on embracing the power of Shakti through simple and easy 10 minute rituals designed for enhanced connection, honouring, and presence. Each day you receive access to a video practice, and for less than 10 minutes a day you can bring focus back to yourself, your amazing gifts and feel more alive than ever.



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She truly is an embodiment of feminine wisdom & what the world needs right now.

“I’ve travelled the world and spent time with many wisdom teachers, leaders, and luminaries who are holding a torch and way showing of the new Earth. Carla is easily one of these wisdom keepers – holding a powerful yet grounded presence for others. Authentic, balanced, open and inspiring – she carries a special and unique message for women everywhere.”

~ Amy Amara, Tantrika & New Earth Luminary

Thanks again Carla, you are a gem in this life!

“I think yoga is the ultimate answer to everything. You are cultivating that in the world.  It is not just a yoga teacher that you are… it is way more than that. The workshops, the retreats the studio, the teachers you have created, the pay it forward affect. It is all you Carla, you are putting huge tools of self awareness and self care into the world.  Thanks again Carla, you are a gem in this life… a true light guiding us all to our best version of ourselves and for that I am very very grateful!!”

~ Kelly McMahon

To be in the presence of an exceptional woman and teacher is a gift in itself,

“To be in the presence of an exceptional woman and teacher is a gift in itself, to have her knowledge, wisdom and creativity shared with us, is a treasure. Carla used her talents to bring us deeper into our bodies and this truly was magical. To be in the presence other exceptional women each teachers in their own way and from their own life experiences was an honor and an experience I will hold dearly in my heart for some time.” ~ Denise Marshall

Her knowledge and light shine through the minute you meet her

“This was a trip of a lifetime. I had never met Carla before this trip. After speaking with her I decided to take a chance on this retreat and it was spectacular!! Her knowledge and light shine through the minute you meet her. Everything was perfect and I am so grateful that I had this opportunity.” ~ Sharon Bridson

Carla is an amazing yogi and a gift to women!

“Carla is an amazing yogi and a gift to women. Her teachings are accessible to all and bring about growth and self-discovery.”

~ Cindy Szekely

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