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There seem to be so many disparaging words used to describe women who choose not to confirm, so here we are again tackling another challenging term...slut. This episode of the Radical Sex Witches podcast examines the many judgements and myths about sluts and in doing...

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Lucky Number 13

Today we are celebrating our 13th episode! So in honour of that, we talk about all the magical and mystical things about the number 13. Carla and Little Leah cover some cool history, the significance of 13 in different cultures, why 13 is so important for women, the...

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I Was Today Years Old – The Witch Edition

Ever heard of I Was Today Years Old (IWTYO)? It's a fancy way of saying that you did or learned something for the first time today. In this episode we are serving you up the first of an occasional IWTYO series as we share some weird and wonderful facts about witches!...

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Genital Amnesia

The term genital amnesia comes from Sheri Winston who is the author of Women's Anatomy of Arousal. It refers to the forgotten parts of our bodies that can give us great pleasure.  A woman's sexual anatomy was really not given any attention for centuries, and even...

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The C-Word

Definitely NSFW. If this word is a trigger for you, we'll see you next time! In this episode Little Leah and Carla talk about one of the most misused, misunderstood and powerful words in the English language...the c-word. The fact that the c-word is the most offensive...

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