Ever heard of I Was Today Years Old (IWTYO)? It’s a fancy way of saying that you did or learned something for the first time today. In this episode we are serving you up the first of an occasional IWTYO series as we share some weird and wonderful facts about witches!

Little Leah and Carla get to the bottom of the cauldron with facts like:

  • The most famous book on witchcraft which was written in the 15th century and responsible for the death of thousands of accused witches, Malleus Maleficarum,  was based on a single line in the Bible
  • Witches probably didn’t wear pointy hats (but there is a reason they are associated with them)
  • Witches really did fly on broomsticks (well, sort of!)
  • The last time someone was convicted of witchcraft was in (wait for it….) 1944!
  • And more!


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