In this episode of the RSW Podcast, Carla and Little Leah have the pleasure of interviewing otipemisiwak (Métis) Artist, Lynette La Fontaine.  Lynette, who’s spirit name is muskwa mostos kesigok iskew, roughly translated as bear buffalo northern lights woman, is an otipemisiwak mixed media visual artist with roots in northern Saskatchewan, as well as the historic Métis communities of the Red River settlement and Norway House.

Trained as a Registered Nurse, Lynette began beading in 2007 while volunteering with Métis Elders. They describe their work as being inspired by the connections between the land, heart, spirit, ancestors and Elders’ teachings.  We discussed their inspiration, process, connection to their culture and inspiring future generations.

Lynette’s beadwork is beyond next level incredible and checking out their IG (link below) is a must. You’ll also see the custom earrings Lynette created for Carla that are one of her most treasured possessions.

We want to also give credit to Renae Al-Fdeilat of Penawapskewi Designs who created the stunning peach bum earrings Lynette described in the interview.


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