New Moon Virtual Ceremony



MAY 22, 2020 11 am - 12:30 pm via Zoom

Welcome to the New Moon in Gemini Circle & Ceremony! The New Moon is a powerful time to open to inner listening and creating intentions for the next lunar cycle. Cultures all over the world have recognized that this time of darkness is a fertile void, where we can extract wisdom from the shadows and connect to our deepest desires of what we wish to manifest and grow in our lives. Being intentional with these desires in ceremony makes them that much more potent and powerful.

This New Moon in May is a Gemini Moon - which means is also a time for us to get clear about our communication and also connect to what brings us FUN in our lives. This moon also encourages us to gather and rise in the power of our sovereignty and get clear about our sacred desires.

In this interactive New Moon Circle & Ceremony via Zoom, we will move through invocations, embodiment (movement) & deepening practices to prepare us to get clear on what we intend to call in over this next lunar cycle.

We will also explore the unique astrology associated with this moon so that we can harness the cosmic power that is most available right now.

Each of us will create a personal 4 part New Moon offering - that includes a wish, a visualization, an affirmation and an intention/commitment. I will also share how to create a special New Moon altar that you can create at home to uplevel your New Moon desires!

Our circle will include other amazing like minded individuals who will help co-create a magical experience together. At the end of our ceremony you will feel centered, inspired and excited about what the future holds!


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