Return to Essence

An Embracing Shakti Retreat



If you are a woman who is ready to refill her cup and reconnect with her dreams and gifts after a very challenging year, then join Carla for this heart led virtual retreat that will nourish, reset and inspire you as you move forward in 2021.

Do you feel overwhelmed or burnt-out from the past year? Are you longing to connect with the sacred in a magical space and dedicated time away from your everyday life?

Do you want to ignite your creativity, wisdom, strength, and passion for life?

Are you yearning to prioritize yourself, even for just a few days so you can reconnect with yourself and find balance once again?

Do you wish for a safe, loving, nonjudgmental community that allows you to show up exactly as you are?

This weekend gathering will invite you to rediscover yourself and unlock what Carla calls your Shakti potential – your capacity to feel empowered, connected and turned on by life.  

Are you ready to join the awakening of women everywhere?

There is a global awakening of women all over the planet – an awakening of our innate power, magic and gifts. What drives this awakening is the energy of Shakti – the essence of the Divine Feminine. 

Within Shakti is the remembrance of our innate life force, our divine connection to Gaia … and to every other womb on Earth. 

It is the undeniable, creative, sexual life force that fuels our dreams, desires, and connection to our sovereign power. 

It is an energy to be honoured, listened to, and fiercely respected

But we have to create the space for Shakti to flow freely within us to access the power and potential she holds for us. Women need to create the sacred container of space, time and community in order to receive so that we may give without depleting ourselves. 

This is why a retreat is so essential to our wellbeing, our families wellbeing and our communities wellbeing. Prioritizing ourselves makes our dreams possible.

I’ve created this weekend for YOU! To come back home to yourself. To be supported in community. To be witnessed in your highs and lows. And to be loved exactly as you are. 

By the end of our spacious WEEKEND together you’ll: 

√ Feel relaxed, nourished and restored so that you can return back to your life from a place of being grounded and your cup filled.

√ Reignite your clarity, creativity and passion for life so you feel ready for your next steps in 2021.

√ Be more connected to your body, your sensuality and your capacity for pleasure and know how you can continue to feel this way after the retreat.

√ Burn what you’re ready to release and shed so that you’re able to move forward with confidence with a sacred fire ceremony. 

√ Take your new consciousness, fresh perspectives and ability to shift your thoughts and emotions back home to integrate into life. 

Make this retreat EXTRA SPECIAL!

I want you to get the absolute MOST out of this retreat experience. This is why I am highly recommending that you get fully away from your regular life and book a rental (AirBnB, VRBO or hotel) for this retreat.

This is about you enjoying three full, distraction-free days where you have time and space for reflection, integration and inspiration.

It’s time for the soul-sourced experience and inner work that will truly make a difference in your life moving forward so that you can reclaim your energy, excitement and optimism for life.

Carla will be sharing her newest teachings and processes from her own spiritual training and mindset work. Being able to receive these transmissions in a space where you are fully relaxed and receptive will have the most impact in your life.

As part of the retreat, you will receive meal and accommodation suggestions as well as an epic retreat gift box filled with the goodies to make this a most luxurious retreat experience!

What will we do?

My women’s retreats are about connecting with the Divine Feminine within – what is known in Sanskrit as Shakti. Shakti is the energy of the sacred feminine, and refers to the primordial, active, dynamic feminine energy of all creation.

Wild and often waiting to be liberated, she is the pleasure and passion that creates the fabric of reality. 

In India, Shakti is honoured as the universal source of energy, power, and creativity. There is no equivalent word in the English language that contains the depth and power of Shakti.

As a long-time practitioner of yoga in the Hatha & Tantric lineages, I give reverence and honour to the cultural roots of this ancient understanding of the cosmos by using my role and voice to acknowledge Shakti’s ancestral origin. 

To connect with and liberate the energy of Shakti that is within each and every one of us, I guide women through a variety of different practices and experiences:

  • Embodiment such as yoga, tantric and earth priestess practices and dance
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation, drum journeys and guided visualizations
  • Sensual and pleasure practices
  • Deep listening and inquiry
  • Ceremony

What’s happening over the WEEKEND?


We always begin by creating the circle of sisterhood and the sacred container. This is essential to allow everyone to drop in fully and feel completely safe to be seen, heard and witnessed. By the end of Friday evening you will step through the portal of your everyday life into ceremonial/retreat space and feel ready and inspired to connect with your body, mind and soul.

How are we going to do that?

  • With an opening circle ceremony
  • With a heart and womb opening guided visualization to get clear on your intentions & desires for the weekend
  • Ice-Breakers and connection with the women who have come together for the retreat
  • Post evening session nature time suggestions


This full day will be comprised of several sessions to help guide you deeper into releasing old patterns and beliefs and coming into realignment with your natural state of ease, expansion and pure unlimited potential! By the end of the day you will drop into deep pleasure and relaxation in your body, be inspired by your intuition and natural healing abilities and deeply connected to womxn on the same journey as you. 

How are we going to do that?

  • Morning meditation and guided drum journey
  • Embodiment practices from the traditions of yoga, tantra and the Earth Priestess Arts
  • Breathwork ceremony
  • Body of the Goddess sensual evening practices
  • Nature practices
  • Processing and connecting time in breakout groups


Our final morning will be about creating lasting impact so that you can leave the retreat feeling recharged, resourced and empowered to support yourself when you return to your every day life. By the end of the retreat you will feel anchored into your dreams and desires and be clear on the right next actions to take into your life.

How are we going to do that?

  • Morning meditation and guided drum journey
  • 5 senses journeying into your desires
  • Joining together in a powerful closing blessing ceremony
  • Sharing in the circle for support and unconditional love.

What is the Investment?

The heart contribution for this deeply experiential virtual retreat weekend is $444 if paid in full before March 25th.

This includes live access to more than 13 hours of teaching from Carla an amazing retreat gift box valued at more than $100. After March the cost is $497 and does not include the retreat gift box.

Let Me Tell You More…

Q: What do you recommend for me to have the BEST experience possible?

One of the most amazing parts of being on retreat is actually BEING ON RETREAT!

However at this time it isn’t possible to come together in person, I have a suggestion that will really make this experience as nourishing, healing and transformational as possible.

My suggestion to you is to either rent an AirBnB for the weekend or get a hotel room so that you can completely get away from you life and drop in fully into the experience.

Picture it – no kids, no partner, no noise, no distractions, no trying to juggle all the life things at the same time. Just your own private space with everything you need to relax and let go.

I promise you, this extra investment will pay off thousandfold, and you are worth it!

Q: What are the hours I need to show up?

This retreat is going to take place from Friday, April 9th starting at 4 pm PST and will end at 11 am PST on Sunday, April 11th.

Here is a link to a time converter so you can see what time the event will take place in your area.

There will be a multiple breaks throughout each day to take a deep breath, reflect, continue with the retreat activities (I’ll have special activities outside I’ll be suggesting during our breaks), grab a snack or eat, check in with your family (or not!) or just rest.

This is a deeply experiential time for you to tune in with yourself!

Q: Tell me again what is included so I'm clear?
  • Live access to all of the sessions of the retreat including Carla’s teachings, ceremonies, practices and experiential activities including Shakti embodiment, breathwork, fire ceremony, guided meditations and journal prompts.
  • Live coaching & feedback during the retreat.
  • Breakout rooms for sharing & connecting with other retreat participants.
  • An extra juicy gift box valued at more than $100 with retreat supplies delivered to you before the retreat (if you register by the deadline of March 25th)*
  • Supply list for extra practice & ceremonial items you will need.
  • Meal suggestions for the weekend

What’s not included:

  • Certain practice and ceremonial items not included in the retreat gift box (these will be things you will easily be able to find yourself)
  • Meals/snacks
  • Accommodation

*Postage up to $25 is included in the retreat pricing. For packages costing more, the difference will be charged to the retreat participant as an additional amount. 

Q: Is an online retreat truly transformative?

Yes! While there’s nothing like being in person and being able to give big hugs, I’ve been absolutely amazed at the power of offering embodiment practices, guided meditations, transformative activities, fun icebreakers and even fire ceremonies online.

You’ll be able to see and hear all of my explanations, drop into your body fully with the practices, feel my deep love and caring for you and the group and connect with other participants in small breakout groups.

Until we can get back to being in person (and believe me I CAN’T WAIT!!), you’ll be amazed and delighted at how spiritual, transformative and powerful this retreat will be – ceremonies and all!

Q: What happens after I register?

Once you register, you’ll get a confirmation email from me that you’re in! I’ll share suggestions on how to find the right accommodation if you choose to really retreat and also give you prep suggestions (meals, supplies, etc). I will also be in touch several times leading up to the retreat and you are always able to contact me personally with questions.

“I love Carla! I’ve been following her for over a decade because she continually and authentically loves me unconditionally and helps me to understand myself and grow to get the most out of life. She helps me let go of things that no longer serve me and allows me to feel so loved and appreciated. I am able to be myself and just feel and experience joy. That is what Carla does for me.”

~ Kathy Hart

“To be in the presence of an exceptional woman and teacher is a gift in itself, to have her knowledge, wisdom and creativity shared with us, is a treasure. Carla used her talents to bring us deeper into our bodies and this truly was magical. To be in the presence so many other exceptional women each teachers in their own way and from their own life experiences was an honor and an experience I will hold dearly in my heart for some time. If you are searching for a deeper practice, deeper self love or beginning to discover who you truly are, spend time at a retreat with Carla and allow the unfolding to happen, you’ll be amazed at what you discover!”

~ Denise Marshall

“Amazing and life changing! The retreat far exceeded my expectations, Carla went above and beyond to make this more than a ‘retreat’. It was a unique, unforgettable life experience left with a sense of purpose and clarity for my day to day life and am making conscious choices to sustain the sense of peace, contentment and connection that I felt there.”

~ Shauna Korogonas

Hi! I’m Carla. 

For more than 25 years I’ve been in service to thousands of womxn on the path of embodiment which to me means coming home to the body as a source of wisdom, indwelling power and Divine Feminine juiciness

I am a breathworker, an Earth Priestess and a healer. 

My vision is to support women to experience sexual awakening as a path to wholeness, expanding consciousness and saying YES to life. 

Every one of us is whole and perfect exactly as we are. We just forget.

I am here to help be the catalyst so you can remember. So that you can step into your wholeness. So you can choose live as the guiding force in your life. 

I hope you will join me for this Return To Essence retreat weekend so that you can fully celebrate all the parts of yourself and experience more ease, grace, nourishment, pleasure and turn-on for life. 

You deserve this. This is your birthright. Won’t you join me?

All my love,