Savasana is considered by many to be the most complicated pose to do, yet also the most important pose to do. Rest, take rest. It requires a complete practice and leaves you into a deep meditative state. It is usually open to interpretation, but savasana can also be the pose you hold for the longest time.
Savasana. The final pose.
When in savasana, it is important to remember to bring yourself back to your breath again. When you find yourself getting anxious to get up and get on with the day, when you find yourself looking to curl up into a ball, when you hear little noises starting to echo through your brain – find your breath, inhale into your belly, exhale with your fire breath, and enjoy savasana.
It might be a smart option to bring a blanket to wrap yourself in before you let your body cool down here.
If you are leading a class, perhaps you can go around and lightly lift some student’s feet by the heels into the air to give them a few moments of extended inversion, but remember that if you grip too tightly to the back of their heels or pull on that sensitive area there just below the ankle bones, it can cause a pinching and pain to the student.