This supine spinal twist – or Supta Matsyendrasana – sometimes almost feels too good; with arms spread and spine in a supported twist it’s nearly a relaxed ecstasy.
Begin by lying in the supine position, that is, on your back.
On your next inhale, slowly raise both of your knees until the palms of your feet are lying flat on the ground. On your exhale, prepare for your twist left by shifting your hips slightly to the right, pushing through your feet to raise your hips here.
On your next inhale, draw your right knee closer to your chest while letting your left leg slip back to the ground fully extended.
With your next exhale, slowly let your right knee roll over to your left side. You will notice your hips begin to stack themselves. At this point, if you feel your hips are too extended, feel free to use a prop to support your bent knee like you see me doing in this photograph.
Imagining a straight line that runs just under your chin, extend both of your arms straight outwards. They should be close to parallel with your bent thigh.
If you’re feeling like a little more twist, feel free to turn your head now away from your bent knee on an exhale.
I always like to lay in this position for as long as my breath will keep me there.
To exit this pose, on your exhale, roll from your hips and your leg will follow naturally. Bring both your knees up slightly, resting your feet flat on the ground, shifting your hips slightly to the left to prepare to stack them, and rolling now to your right with a bent left leg.
Carla Wainwright - asana - supine spinal twist