consciously choosing spaciousness

consciously choosing spaciousness

Home, finally! I arrived back in Canada late last night – jet lagged, travel weary and very happy to fall back into my bed once again. My month away was so nourishing – being by the ocean and jungle for 21 days with an incredible group of women connecting to the earth and our Shakti bodies and then a visit for a final few days with my brother and his beautiful family in Manila.

There are so many insights I gained during my time away, but the clearest call I received was to return home and create more spaciousness in my days. I have this deep sense in my gut that if I can do this, so many other things will effortlessly fall into place.

I always feel some anxiety about returning home from a long trip – the mountain of emails to get through, waiting projects and to do lists. The easy and relaxed flow from being away seems to dissipate so quickly, and before I know it, I’m right back into overachieving mode.

Part of this comes from a long held belief that only hard work yields results. And I like being busy, it feels comfortable and familiar. But I also know that continual hard work and perpetual busy-ness leaves me feeling depleted, overwhelmed, cranky and on the fast path to burn out.

And you know that saying, ‘repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity‘? I’ve been thinking about that saying a lot and know that it is time to do things a little differently.

So here is what I am committing to do starting today:

  • Body before business each and every day – at home I start my day meditating with my sweetie and love this ritual we have together. But I recognize that I also need to get energy flowing inside of me through movement, so I will be adding this to my early morning routine.
  • Connecting with nature – I LOVE being in nature, but also know that once I get in the work groove, the whole day can pass by and I haven’t gone outside. I’m planning to get outdoors once the kids leave for school in the morning and commune with the natural word in a purposeful way before engaging in work.
  • Listen to my body and cycles – as women, our energy waxes and wanes with our cycle. In Bali we had a moon lodge where women could lie down on cushions and rest if they needed to during the training. So instead of powering through my days, especially if I am tired, I’m now choosing to give myself permission to rest instead of work. And to trust that the rest creates the space for increased creativity and capacity in the coming days.
  • Intentional eating – over the past month I have been taking at least 5 deep breaths before starting to eat. I would pause and reflect on all the hands that made the food I am eating possible and to thank the Earth for her abundance. I’ve noticed that everything tastes more alive and delicious and it helps me be present with nourishing my body.
  • Meaningful is the priority in my schedule – in my daily and weekly planning really ensuring that the majority of my time is invested in what matters to me the most: family, service to my students & community, my body and my relationship with the Earth

There are many other things I could implement to have more spaciousness in my days, but I’m starting small because I know that small steps are more likely to lead to success. And that sustainable wins will inspire me to add even more changes. I’ll keep you posted on what I try next.

So over to you my friend, what do you days look like? Are you ready to join me in making some small daily shifts to experience more ease in your life? How do you find ways to make your days more spacious?

New Moon in Sagittarius: Reflection and Vision

New Moon in Sagittarius: Reflection and Vision

As we shift into this final stage of 2018, this is a perfect time to reflect on the past year’s triumphs and lessons, create sacred time to connect with family and friends, and begin envisioning your growth for the coming year.
This new moon in Sagittarius on Dec 7th is the optimal time to take advantage of this opportunity to dream big – with larger-than-life Jupiter ruling this lunation.
Like it’s archetypal symbol of the archer, allow yourself to be honest with yourself on what you’ve been truly wanting to experience, learn and receive and pull back your bow. Aim and release your arrow towards the nudges, inspirations, and hidden dreams still tugging at your soul.
AND there’s a call to deeper exploration… beyond just worldly things, what are the greater lessons, insights, and wisdom you’re wanting to embody. The archer is also half-man, half-animal – so this symbolism asks us to not only get clear on worldly desires but also spiritual ones.
Are you desiring:

  • To feel more intimately connected to your sensuality, expression and body?
  • To release inhibitions in speaking your soul’s truth and desires?
  • To feel freer in how you live your life?

For the month of December, I invite you to join me in celebrating this past year’s successes, insights, and journey along with setting strong and clear visions for our 2019.


So often, we can be in a hurry to accomplish, create or move onto the next phase of our life – without honouring, celebrating, and reflecting on the current stage or process of our journey.
Where you are in your life, is the manifestation of many dreams and intentions you’ve held in the past?
Now is the time to honour this.
In this ritual, come to acknowledge and celebrate ALL of the growth and progress you’ve made emotionally, spiritually, and physically to get to this place, right now.


Set your sacred space and really allow for an hour or two. Make tea, light candles, and grab that box of tissues. This is a love ceremony by you and for you…honouring yourself from a space of full appreciation takes precious time.
Take some deep breaths, and really drop into your core, into your heart, and into your yoni and womb space.
Using the microcosmic orbit, cycle your breath up the front and back of the body and allow it to circulate through your being.
Coming into your heart space, really reflect on the journey you’ve been on over the past 13 moons (13 months):

  • What major things have you experienced and grown from?
  • What deep limiting beliefs and ideas did you release about who you are and your worthiness?
  • What beautiful insights did you glean about the power and potency of yourself?
  • What revelations did you experience about how life is here to support you and the power of community?
  • What special messages and affirmations from Spirit have you appreciated?

These, my love, are to be expressed through your written word. Place these words and the paper it’s written on, on your sacred altar.
Watch my next email for the second PART TWO of this POWERFUL RITUAL, so you can start 2019 off with closure, celebration and aligned clarity.
love & pranams,

A Call To Prayer

A Call To Prayer

Today I would like less than 3 minutes of your time. 2:18 minutes to be exact. I want you take a deep breath in and big sigh out. Relax wherever you are and click on the image below. Press play, close your eyes and listen. Listen through your ears, all your senses and through every pore in your skin…

“A Call to Prayer” by Estas Tonne
Here and now before earth and sky we stand.
We feel the blessing of your infinite love in our blood. In our bones. In our breath. In our hearts.
We open our eyes to see beyond what we have seen before. We open our ears to hear what we could not hear before.
Beyond repetition. Beyond the beyond. We feel a new story emerging beyond ourselves and rippling into our lucid body. 

As waves of love remind us of who we really are. Dissolve us into what we have always meant to be. And the layers between us and who we are meant to be, fade away. And suddenly we realize we are all we could dream we could be. 
To see without eyes. To walk without feet. To fly without wings.
This is my prayer for you.

What was present for you when you received this prayer? I’d be honoured if you’d comment below and share your experience with me.
love & pranams,

Yoga Is Your Natural State

Yoga Is Your Natural State

You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state.
“You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state.” ~ Sharon Gannon
Asanas are known as the physical practice of yoga. Yoga itself is almost entirely a mental practice, the physical practice being a tool used to get deeper.
That being said, a physical practice of yoga is very powerful for the body and mind, as well!
A Yoga Practice Really Works

A Yoga Practice Really Works

Last week my father had to be Medi-Vac’d to the hospital with a heart issue. I was in San Francisco at the time and fortunately was planning to travel later that day so was able to get to Vancouver easily to be with him and my mother. The first several hours after getting the news involved a flurry of texts and calls with family and the hospital relaying information, followed by traffic, long airport lines and a delayed flight.
What I observed that day and in the several days afterwards was that despite the stress and worry I was remarkably calm, present and centred. When my breath would get shallow, I noticed and could adjust. When my body was tightening and armouring, I intuitively knew how to move to find more flow without even thinking. My yoga practice was seamlessly showing up when I really needed it.
In class I often speak about how the practice on the mat is really about giving us the tools to handle what shows up in life. When we are in a pose that is especially challenging – we can be mindful with our breath, we can slow it down and be present with whatever sensations and emotions arise. We can remind ourselves that everything is welcome as part of the human experience. We can trust the intelligence of our bodies without having to do anything.
And while I have experienced this translation of practice from mat to life many times, last week it seemed to register in a more profound way. Presence is just a breath away. You can ground simply by feeling your feet connecting to the earth. You can experience more flow and ease in a difficult moment with some finger wiggling and wrist circles that no one will notice. You can trust that ultimately everything will be ok.
The wonderful news is that my father is recovering well and will be able to return home in the next couple of days.
Perhaps take a moment right now to sit back and feel into a time when your practice has served you in life. Allow yourself to have the full body experience of that remembrance. Have gratitude for your practice and your body’s capacity to receive it. Breathe into the knowing that this is a practice not just on the mat, but a practice of life. And that it really works.
love & pranams,