the gifts of Freyja

the gifts of Freyja

This month in the Embracing Shakti Temple our featured embodiment of the Divine Feminine is Freyja, the Norse Goddess of the passion and sex. Considered to be the “it girl” of the Aesir Gods, she knew how to party! Loki the trickster god accused her of sleeping with all of the gods and elves and while this was probably true (she was all about pleasure seeking) she has a lot of other powerful credentials.

Freyja is a woman who owns her own sexuality, and loves as SHE chooses, not as others would tell her she must.

Freyja is the patron goddess of Norse magic, chief of the Valkyries and carer of the heroic and noble dead. A lover of travel, she would sometimes take a ride in her chariot pulled by two cats. The pagan festival Beltane is held in her honour, along with “Winter Nights” October 14-15th for what is known as Freyja’s Feast, which marks the end of the harvest, and brings focus to the bounty by honouring her.

If you would like to evoke the energy of Freyja to connect to her magic and power, here are a few suggestions:

Cultivating a peaceful and loving relationship with yourself, helps your abundance flow. Every day for a week, take a post-it note and write one thing you love about yourself on it. Put it in random places throughout your house, like a mirror, fridge, etc., so you continue to see these messages of self love.
Erotic poetry and art in the form of an offering to Freyja has been said to assist many with finding acceptance within ourselves and others for whatever form of sexuality we identify with. Pull out your pens, paper, paints and create whatever comes to mind!
30 day masturbation challenge!! Before you cringe, realize that regularly masturbating can vastly improve your relationship to your body, increase your orgasmic potential, help you develop better confidence, decrease stress, support healthier societal attitudes about female pleasure … and it just feels so good! No shame allowed here! Can you do it for 30 days in a row?

Is Freyja a goddess that you feel a special association with? Do you have a practice that connects you to her mysteries? Please head over to my Facebook page and post away!

Full Moon in Taurus: Embody Your Sensuality

Full Moon in Taurus: Embody Your Sensuality

Following and syncing ourselves to the moon cycles through ritual and sacred ceremony is a way you can give yourself more permission to also connect with your Shakti energy, the creative force of the divine feminine.
Creating ceremonies in alignment with moon cycles is one of the ways I acknowledge and honour that my spiritual being is having a human experience. As I’ve followed the moon cycles, I’ve also noticed a greater understanding and love towards my emotional processes, triggers, and lessons. I’d love for you to have that same experience.
For this coming Full Moon in Taurus on Wednesday Oct 24th, allow yourself to connect to the earthy energy of this moon through engaging ALL of your senses. Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, and with this planet currently in retro-grade, you might find yourself in need of some extra TLC. I’ve got some great suggestions for you.


With the Sun in Scorpio opposite Moon in Taurus, there is a solid need to be grounded in the practical and material realities of life. Celebrate this Full Moon by savouring the capacity of your body to drop into all of it’s senses. Over the day and evening tomorrow try at least 2 of the following practices:

  • Walking barefoot on the earth
  • Cooking a comfort meal from scratch and savouring each bite
  • Put on your favourite classical piece of music, close your eyes and luxuriate in the sounds
  • Delighting your body with a sensuous rose petal bath with your favourite essential oils
  • Enjoy 20 connected, circular breaths
  • Some good ol’ fashioned loving

I encourage you to make these practices real celebrations. The mundane can always be sacred if we infuse our actions with reverence and intention. Notice how the experience shifts and deepens when you are fully present.
If you appreciate these rituals, you are going to LOVE the guidance and rituals in the upcoming Embracing Shakti Movement: Free 13 Day Journey of Embracing and Celebrating Shakti! It’s almost ready to be birthed and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Stay tuned for how you can join this intimate journey with me.
love & pranams,

Full Moon Ceremony in Aries

Full Moon Ceremony in Aries

Happy Full Moon in Aries! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is forceful, direct, focused, yet fiery. It is the sign of independence and the youthful part of us that sets out on a quest or an adventure in order to expand beyond our known world.
Full Moon in Aries is usually one of the more intense full moons of the year and as it is in September, it is also a Harvest moon. Amplified by the recent Equinox, this Harvest Full Moon asks us to release the cycles and patterns of old, and using the fire of Aries, burn away the wounds, traumas, and pain we still carry, and transmute them into fuel for our evolution. We can use the challenges in our life as a force for healing rather than emotional upheaval.
In this ceremony, you’ll be honouring and using the experience of the past to encourage the birth of new narratives and possibilities.
On a piece of paper, complete the following sentences:
I honour the pain of (old outdated beliefs, i.e., not feeling worthy to receive love, etc) _____________ and use it to fuel my new belief that I AM _____________.
I honour the feelings of anger about (i.e., my parents for not supporting me, etc) _____________ and use it to fuel my new belief that I FORGIVE MYSELF to _____________.
I sacrifice my old beliefs of (i.e., feeling small, insignificant, etc) _____________ and use this to fuel my new desires for (i.e., a new fulfilling job, etc)  _____________.
I release the feelings of (i.e., unworthiness, scarcity, judgment, etc) and I now believe that I (i.e., am worthy of my desires) _____________.
Add any additional sentiments about what you are ready to sacrifice for your healing.
Read your statements aloud, and burn this piece of paper. Bury the ashes outside under the light of this full moon
love & pranams,
PS. Interested in some other attributes of this Harvest Moon? I love this list from You may even want to integrate some of these attributes in your ceremony.

Harvest Moon Attributes

  • Astrology: Artist’s Moon / Harvest Moon, closest full moon to autumnal equinox (northern hemisphere)
  • Tarot: Strength
  • Herbs: Copal, Fennel, Wheat, Valerian
  • Colors: Brown, Yellow-Green, Yellow
  • Stones: Citrine, Peridot, Tiger’s Eye, Olivine, Amethyst
  • Animals: Snake, Jackal, Sparrow
  • Goddesses: Ceres, Isis, Freya
  • Medicine: Rest after labour, Mabon, Autumn Equinox, Balance of light & dark, Organize, Clean out Mental/Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Clutter
A Practice for Showing Devotion to Your Body

A Practice for Showing Devotion to Your Body

This past weekend was my annual September women’s retreat at Camp Friendship just outside Prince George. Nineteen powerful, inspiring and radiant women came together in nature to laugh, practice, breathe, dance, eat, meditate, ceremony, explore and connect deeply into the Divine Feminine. We kept our hearts soft and open, we honoured our bodies, we revered each women’s unique gifts, and held sacred the wisdom of each other and the great mother Earth.
I feel beyond blessed to be able to share sacred Shakti teachings within such an incredible community ~ I am so grateful for the power of sisterhood!
One of the many practices we explored was a very simple and divinely delicious self massage. The Ayurvedic system calls this Abyhanga. The first practice of the day, self massage is a devoted expression of self-love. It is also a way to detoxify the body’s largest organ (the skin), stimulate your body’s energetic channels so your energy flows freely, and revitalizes the mind preparing you for your day. And it feels amazing!
Here are the basics – remember to breathe deeply throughout:

  • Begin at the head. Massage the scalp and do a little hair pulling to release the fascia around the skull and face
  • Sweep your fingers across the face, from the midline outwards with your first 2 finger. Move from the hairline to the lower jaw
  • Gentle rub the throat and hum a couple of times
  • Massage the back of the neck, the shoulders and as far as you can reach on your upper back
  • Knead the arms. Use softer circular motions at the elbows and wrists. Massage the entire hand right to the finger tip. Repeat on other side
  • With flat palms, make circular motions across the front of the body including the breasts. Large clockwise circles around the abdominal area
  • Rub the side ribs, waist and hips
  • Rub the kidney area getting it nice and warm
  • Make a loose fist and pound the buttocks and thighs, or rub briskly with your hand if you prefer
  • Massage & knead the legs. Soft circular motions around the knees. Press into the back midline of the calves.
  • Massage the feet – linger here, it feels so good! Lots of acupressure and reflexology points here. Repeat on other side
  • When complete, shake out the hands, close your eyes and take several deep breaths savouring the experience and the feeling of energy running freely in your body.

To see how I do my morning self massage, check out this video.
Why not make this a part of your morning routine? Try it for a few days and send me a note to tell me about your experience and how this practice changes your day.
love & pranams,
PS. Would you like to join me on a 3 day women’s retreat outside of Prince George? 2019 dates are March 28-31, 2019 and Sept 12-15, 2019. Reserve your spot early, these retreats almost always sell out!

Four Soul Phases of a Woman

Four Soul Phases of a Woman

Did you know that there are four distinct soul phases in our life journey as women? These phases are initialed by not only our bodies but also by the cosmos – creating a beautiful concert between heavenly and earth energies. Each has its own distinct qualities and if we embrace fully the stage we are in, its own unique consciousness and gifts.
Maiden – this phase begins around the age of 12 and continues until 29. At this time we blossom and our womanhood opens from the inside out just like a flower blooming. It is the time we individuate from our mothers and begin to identify strongly with our feminine nature. But it is also is the phase that we often feel pressured by society to remain in as we age, at least externally!
Mother – this phase lasts roughly a decade, from the ages of 30-40. Regardless if you have physical children or not, we all go through the mother phase. This is when we step into the grand nurturing energy, whether for children, parents, friends, animals or the earth community. We also become more active in the growth of projects. The mother phase is where we bear fruit, where we become riper and step more fully into our womanhood.
Enchantress – also known as the mage, the matriarch or queen, this phase begins around 40. This is a time when we start to claim a new level of power. We begin to experience many changes, happening both deep within the psyche and physical body. It is almost like a second puberty! The Enchantress phase is when we distill our life experiences, and it is a time where our feminine life force, our Shakti, is flourishing and pushing us to step more fully into our power. She asks us to heal wounds from the past, particularly during our maidenhood. At this time we are often given catalysts and challenges to do the necessary inner work. And if we meet that challenge, we become both magnetic and deeply powerful.
Crone –  this is the phase of the wise woman and begins around 60. Unfortunately the word crone has been distorted and often evokes an imagine of a woman dressed in black with a hump and a stoop! But the word crone originally meant crown, and it was said that when a woman had journeyed through many cycles and was crowned with her silver hairs, that this actually represented her lunar wisdom. When we become crones, we attain our full power and become true wise women. In many traditions there would be great ceremony to honour a woman reaching this exalted stage (I’m all for bringing back this tradition, and I am working on creating ceremonies that celebrate each soul phase – stay tuned!). The wise woman is the stage where we seed our legacy.
When we learn to embrace each phase for its unique gifts and wisdoms, we change the world by healing the feminine within ourselves. By honouring our feminine traits and adopting a more sacred approach for how we move through the world, we become not only more powerful, but more grounded and content with the life changes we experience.
What soul stage of womanhood are you in currently? Do you struggle with society’s expectations about how a woman should age? Have you abandoned any of the qualities earned from a particular phase? What can you do to nurture each phase more fully and claim your entire self, not just some parts? I’d love to hear about your experiences – please write to me and share your story.
love & pranams,