consciously choosing spaciousness

consciously choosing spaciousness

Home, finally! I arrived back in Canada late last night – jet lagged, travel weary and very happy to fall back into my bed once again. My month away was so nourishing – being by the ocean and jungle for 21 days with an incredible group of women connecting to the earth and our Shakti bodies and then a visit for a final few days with my brother and his beautiful family in Manila.

There are so many insights I gained during my time away, but the clearest call I received was to return home and create more spaciousness in my days. I have this deep sense in my gut that if I can do this, so many other things will effortlessly fall into place.

I always feel some anxiety about returning home from a long trip – the mountain of emails to get through, waiting projects and to do lists. The easy and relaxed flow from being away seems to dissipate so quickly, and before I know it, I’m right back into overachieving mode.

Part of this comes from a long held belief that only hard work yields results. And I like being busy, it feels comfortable and familiar. But I also know that continual hard work and perpetual busy-ness leaves me feeling depleted, overwhelmed, cranky and on the fast path to burn out.

And you know that saying, ‘repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity‘? I’ve been thinking about that saying a lot and know that it is time to do things a little differently.

So here is what I am committing to do starting today:

  • Body before business each and every day – at home I start my day meditating with my sweetie and love this ritual we have together. But I recognize that I also need to get energy flowing inside of me through movement, so I will be adding this to my early morning routine.
  • Connecting with nature – I LOVE being in nature, but also know that once I get in the work groove, the whole day can pass by and I haven’t gone outside. I’m planning to get outdoors once the kids leave for school in the morning and commune with the natural word in a purposeful way before engaging in work.
  • Listen to my body and cycles – as women, our energy waxes and wanes with our cycle. In Bali we had a moon lodge where women could lie down on cushions and rest if they needed to during the training. So instead of powering through my days, especially if I am tired, I’m now choosing to give myself permission to rest instead of work. And to trust that the rest creates the space for increased creativity and capacity in the coming days.
  • Intentional eating – over the past month I have been taking at least 5 deep breaths before starting to eat. I would pause and reflect on all the hands that made the food I am eating possible and to thank the Earth for her abundance. I’ve noticed that everything tastes more alive and delicious and it helps me be present with nourishing my body.
  • Meaningful is the priority in my schedule – in my daily and weekly planning really ensuring that the majority of my time is invested in what matters to me the most: family, service to my students & community, my body and my relationship with the Earth

There are many other things I could implement to have more spaciousness in my days, but I’m starting small because I know that small steps are more likely to lead to success. And that sustainable wins will inspire me to add even more changes. I’ll keep you posted on what I try next.

So over to you my friend, what do you days look like? Are you ready to join me in making some small daily shifts to experience more ease in your life? How do you find ways to make your days more spacious?

ready to become a time bender?

ready to become a time bender?

Greetings from gorgeous Northern Bali. I am here participating in a 3 week Earth Priestess Immersion and Training with 15 other incredible women from around the globe. We just completed our first week and our days here have been nothing short of magical.

One of my observations is that I am experiencing time in a radically different way. Most of us are well accustomed to the linear time/space reality. We experience time as hour by hour, day by day. And likely massively scheduled and full with little space to breathe.

While part of me knows logically that I have been here for 7 days, I have moments where it feels like 3 months, moments where it feels like 1 day and everything in between. While we have a container for our days with scheduled practice and meal times, we are so deeply in our bodies, particularly our hearts and wombs, that my usual perceptions of time have completely dissolved.

You may have also had this experience – where you are engaged in something that speaks to your inner depths so profoundly that you become completely unaware of time passing in its usual way.

What this is, my loves, is the Feminine at play. Shape shifting and time bending your experience.

And it is incredible and so, so needed as a counterbalance in our hectic, overfilled lives.

And while a retreat is beautiful, luxurious and deeply powerful way to drop into relative time (thank you Einstein!) – that isn’t always possible. But you can experience this phenomenon right in your own home.

Interested? Here is my suggestion:

  • Book some time off for you – make a promise with yourself to honour your commitment. I’d say a minimum of 3 hours if possible.
  • Be sure to tell anyone in your life who may normally have access to you (partner, kids, etc) that you will not be available during that time and to not be disturbed.
  • Gather materials for your time bending experience – books, art project, whatever you have been longing to find time for.
  • Turn off your phone, or better yet – put it outside your space so you won’t be tempted.
  • Create sacred space by lighting a candle, burning incense, playing your favourite music. Take a few moments to meditate and call in your intention to experience time as relative, expansive and open.
  • Be curious about what is possible and enjoy!

The more you surrender to relative time, the easier it becomes and the more powerful the shifts in your life will be. One of the commitments I am personally making when I return back to Canada is to make a radical shift in my habits to consciously choose to experience time in this Divinely Feminine way.

So over to you! How do you feel you can change your experience of time?
Full Moon in Taurus: Embody Your Sensuality

Full Moon in Taurus: Embody Your Sensuality

Following and syncing ourselves to the moon cycles through ritual and sacred ceremony is a way you can give yourself more permission to also connect with your Shakti energy, the creative force of the divine feminine.
Creating ceremonies in alignment with moon cycles is one of the ways I acknowledge and honour that my spiritual being is having a human experience. As I’ve followed the moon cycles, I’ve also noticed a greater understanding and love towards my emotional processes, triggers, and lessons. I’d love for you to have that same experience.
For this coming Full Moon in Taurus on Wednesday Oct 24th, allow yourself to connect to the earthy energy of this moon through engaging ALL of your senses. Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, and with this planet currently in retro-grade, you might find yourself in need of some extra TLC. I’ve got some great suggestions for you.


With the Sun in Scorpio opposite Moon in Taurus, there is a solid need to be grounded in the practical and material realities of life. Celebrate this Full Moon by savouring the capacity of your body to drop into all of it’s senses. Over the day and evening tomorrow try at least 2 of the following practices:

  • Walking barefoot on the earth
  • Cooking a comfort meal from scratch and savouring each bite
  • Put on your favourite classical piece of music, close your eyes and luxuriate in the sounds
  • Delighting your body with a sensuous rose petal bath with your favourite essential oils
  • Enjoy 20 connected, circular breaths
  • Some good ol’ fashioned loving

I encourage you to make these practices real celebrations. The mundane can always be sacred if we infuse our actions with reverence and intention. Notice how the experience shifts and deepens when you are fully present.
If you appreciate these rituals, you are going to LOVE the guidance and rituals in the upcoming Embracing Shakti Movement: Free 13 Day Journey of Embracing and Celebrating Shakti! It’s almost ready to be birthed and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Stay tuned for how you can join this intimate journey with me.
love & pranams,

The Power of Circle

The Power of Circle

Throughout history women have come together to celebrate the sacred feminine and to support one another – during times of menstruation, to share in child care, to support birth, to cook together and to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers. These circles were nurturing, connective environments where there would always be a sister to lean on in times of need and a sister to dance with in times of celebration. The simple act of gathering to support one another became a potent ritual – transforming the mundane into sacred and connecting deeply with the feminine.
The advent of industrialization and an increasing emphasis on individualization in our more recent history led to a loss of these gatherings, and the wisdom that was passed down from generation to generation. Fortunately women across the globe are feeling drawn once again to come together and create circle, ritual and community.
If you are feeling called to experience the ancient art of circling and the power of the feminine, I invite you to join me and a sisterhood of likeminded women this September for a 3 day Embracing Shakti Retreat at Camp Friendship just outside of Prince George, September 13-16, 2018. I have been leading these retreats for more than 7 years and they are always one of the highlights of my year. Here is just some of what we will enjoy:

  • An opportunity to step into community and loving self care. And to get away from the busy-ness of regular life.
  • Yoga & Breathwork practices to dive deep into the inner landscape of our bodies
  • Tantric practices that help us open into juicy sensuality and get turned ON by life!
  • Learning about lunar cycles and how we can attune into natural rhythms
  • Ceremony and Sacred Ritual
  • Deep nourishment with gourmet vegetarian meals prepared by chef Rebekah Smiley
  • Abundant time to relax and explore the surrounding wilderness

Carla Wainwright - Embracing Shakti Camp Friendship 2018
If there is something in you wanting more, asking to be heard and realized, I encourage you to heed the call and seek that which you desire. There are just 4 spaces left for this retreat and early pricing of $625+gst ends on the New Moon August 11th. Full price is $700+gst.
Curious, interested or want to know more about how to make this retreat a reality? Drop me a note anytime.
“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” ~ Lalah Delia
love & pranams,

Honouring the Divine Masculine for Father's Day

Honouring the Divine Masculine for Father's Day

As we approach this June 17th, the day we honour men and the fathers of the world, I’ve been contemplating what it means to be a man and a father…and acknowledging the collective healing around the masculine that is taking place at this time.
I’m also thinking about the myriad of emotions that must come up for those who never had the opportunity of having a father, or those who have a complicated relationship with their dads.
Many of you may have not had a father figure in your life, or known the love of a male figure to look up to. And even for those of us who have been privileged to have grown up with a father in our lives, there can still be trauma associated with that paternal connection.
The work of healing our connection to the Divine Masculine necessitates an alignment with the embodied aspects of the masculine. Sometimes the masculine gets a bad rap, especially at this time with so much toxic behaviour being exposed and called out. But the reality is that Divine Masculine energy is a much needed energy in our lives and worlds – it is the energy that draws healthy boundaries, holds firm and safe containers, and stands up for what is aligned with truth and justice.
A healthy expression of the masculine is seen in a person who is strong yet can also be gentle. They are able to take appropriate action of guidance and leadership without the need of praise or ego-stroking. They are someone who doesn’t take up space for space’s sake, but makes you feel safe and supported. This energy holds a strong and safe container for feminine energy to flow freely and without constraint.
Deep healing of the masculine is needed at this time and one of the ways we can begin to do this is to honour the examples of the Divine Masculine we have in our lives and appreciate them. We can also recognize and stop the internalized misogyny we play out regularly within ourselves. This takes the form of the insidious behaviours, thoughts, and actions that cause us to shame, doubt, and undervalue ourselves and others of our gender.
A Simple & Powerful Practice to Heal the Divine Masculine

  1. Begin by writing down the names of 3-5 men that exemplify the Divine Masculine in your life and community. Identify 2-3 qualities each of Divine Masculine qualities you see and honour.
  2. Now, reflecting on those qualities, ask yourself how you can integrate those qualities into your life or into your own internal dialogue.
  3. BONUS: Share with these men personally and maybe even publicly the qualities you appreciate, and let them bask in this appreciation.

When we heal the energy of the Divine Masculine within ourselves and others we can see and honour that quality within each and every man (and those who identify as men) and draw that out. In our acceptance and integration of this essence, we can highlight and amplify this essence in others.
As men continue the journey of redefining what manhood truly looks and feels like, we can all play an active role in this collective healing – by honouring our men and fathers during this time and the expression of the Divine Masculine within.
Let the men and fathers in your life know where they are showing up like warriors, where you see them shining, where you respect their convictions, and where you see their honour and pride.
The Divine Masculine is a force that protects – not overpowers. It is the energy that creates loving boundaries without crossing over them. Let us witness the men in our lives and celebrate their courage as they seek to cross the bridge from confusion to wholeness – and redefine masculinity for future generations.
love & pranams,