Summer's Abundance

Summer's Abundance

Summer’s abundance makes me feel so alive. I walk through a field of grass and see little bugs hopping around everywhere. I walk through a forest and I hear birds singing as a choir. I see vetch blooming purple. I see St. John’s Wort blooming yellow and as I go to touch it, it stains my fingers brown.
Summer is abundant. In North America, in Prince George, it is a time where we can easily forget the rain of Spring, the coldness of Winter, and the falling leaves of Autumn. Instead, it’s green everywhere. Water is warm enough to get in to, and I want to get in to it because it’s warm everywhere!
I notice new growth on the tips of old growth, I see green poking through the brown I once knew, and my regular paths through the forest are nearly exploding from the sides with foliage!
Oh, Summer, what abundance you do bring.
An Altar at Your New Moon Ceremony

An Altar at Your New Moon Ceremony

The New Super Moon in Cancer

The coming New Super Moon in Cancer happening on July 13th is the closest and largest of this summer’s three consecutive new moon supermoons. A supermoon is a new or full moon closely coinciding with perigee, the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit.
We’re crossing the threshold into letting go of the past six months, and setting new bolder dreams for the rest of the year. With this being a moon in Cancer, you may feel more emotional, dreamy, and sensitive. It’s also likely you’ll be attuning to the feelings of family and creating more solidity in your home life.
Having a sacred space in your home for connecting to the Spirit World is especially grounding. Regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs, your altar is a place for your own private communion with nature, Mother earth, and your dreams.
Medicine men and women, shamanic practitioners, and those who practice following the rhythms of the natural world create a special place to pray, meditate, and centre themselves at what is called a ‘mesa’.
The mesa is an altar-like arrangement of sacred objects used by shamanic practitioners for self-healing and communion with the Spirit World.

Foundation elements of the Mesa are:

  • a special cloth or “manta”
  • a shell (water-emotions)
  • a feather (air/wind-spirit)
  • an earthy stone (earth-body)
  • a white candle in a container (fire-mind)
  • a symbol of the totality such as a crystal (ether/space-consciousness)

Carla Wainwright's Sacred new moon altar


Find a special place in your home where you can set up a special altar, and use it to commune during this New Moon with yourself, your Spirit and your guides. The New Moon is sometimes referred to as the fertile void, a time to pause, re-evaluate and hang out in the unknown – all of which ultimately gives us more clarity about our higher desires, visions, and dreams.
Using the above guidelines to decorate your altar with sacred objects, I’d love to see what you create.
Post a picture of your home altar on my Facebook Page or tag me on Instagram @carlawainwright. Or just reply to this email!
love & pranams,

Celebrating Summer Solstice

Celebrating Summer Solstice

The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere arrives tomorrow when the sun stops moving North and reaches its highest point of the year ~ the Summer Solstice. Cultures all over the world and throughout history have celebrated this day. They observed that the expansion of consciousness opened through meditation, practice and ceremony on the Solstice is magnified in a very powerful way. Taking pause on this special day can be a very potent experience.
The Summer Solstice is celebrated at this time of peak bloom, and of great appreciation for the bounty delivered by our earth Pacha Mama. As Cait & Maura acknowledge:
“Summer is a festival of this inner fire/power, the power that makes abundance and nourishment grow from tiny seeds. The power that brings things to fulfillment, and expands and brightens our lives, that makes good things come from seed ideas and plans. And as we watch the ripening and flowering and fruiting all around us, we can’t help but be moved by and grateful for the generosity of the Earth Mother, who gives says what we need so unstintingly. Summer is a perfect time to discover our earth connection; by receiving her gifts with respect, taking only what we need, and doing what we can to minimize our impact on the delicate balance of the planet, we strengthen and nourish the bond we were given a birth with the great parent who sustains us all.” – ~ Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw from Celebrating the Great Mother
We can honour the balance between what Cait and Maura call the ‘intense activity and lazy, idle hours doing nothing” by celebrating this magical day tomorrow with this easy Summer Solstice Ritual:

  1. Go out into nature, whether forest, beach or park, and allow yourself to bask in the delicious feeling of nothingness for an hour (or at least 20-30 minutes). Let your toes slip through grass uncovered, do cartwheels among the trees or even take a dip in some brisk water. Celebrating the bounty of nature’s beauty through our simple enjoyment is one of the most powerful ways of appreciating our Mama Gaia.
  2. During your time, make a nature altar giving thanks. If you’re at a beach, gather and organize water plants, rocks, and sticks into a beautiful altar on the shore. If in the forest or a park, stack twigs, leaves, flowers and fallen debris into an installation celebrating the beauty found in mother nature.
  3. Sit back and open to the joy of seeing or imagining someone discover your creation!

Play, have fun and remember all that you’ve generated this year & honour what has burst into creation!
love & pranams,

Beltane Ritual for Blossoming Dreams

Beltane Ritual for Blossoming Dreams

Today, May 1st, is Beltane – an ancient Celtic Festival celebrating May Day. Beltane represents the peak of Spring and the visioning of Summer, where Gaia’s energies are at their strongest and most active.
Abundance, sexuality, and fertility are all robust themes visible around us everywhere – in nature and the physical world, and also in our energetic realities. We can palpably feel the potency of Spring nourishing the seeds of our dreams with the waters of life.
Beltane is also a time to honour life’s oldest love story ~ that between the God and the Goddess.
Beltane is a Celtic word which means ‘fires of Bel’ (Bel was a Celtic deity). Bel, who was born at the Winter Solstice, achieves the strength and maturity to court and become lover to the Goddess. Their divine union is consummated with her becoming pregnant, a representation of her abundant fertility. Today is a day to celebrate the divinity of our sexual nature and our capacity to grow that which we most desire.
During the Winter months we often feel that our desires are lost in the void and darkness of the season. But really they were simply hibernating and gestating, waiting for the conditions to become ripe for their full blossom.
Now that we are in the height of Spring, it is time to begin revelling in the energies of your blossoming visions, so you can ride these naturally present and pulsing waves of energy. This is the wisdom of harnessing life’s natural rhythms and cycles.
I’d love to share a special Beltane Yoga ritual with you for supporting your desires during the height of this season of growth. This is a most opportune time to bring forth the ideas, hopes and dreams you’ve been nurturing into action.

Beltane Ritual

This ritual is to honour the divinity of your sensual nature and your ability to take the seed of your dreams and germinate them into life.
Refresh your altar with vibrant hues and rich fabrics, spring flowers and coloured ribbons. Set alight a pair of candles in Green or Gold. Dress in something that makes you feel really fabulous and sit in meditation.
Ask your higher self, “What would it look like for the garden of my dreams to burst into life and become fully blossomed? What would the texture of my life feel like with all of my current desires being met, manifested and even exceeded?”
Be patient and listen. Upon receiving your messages, write them in your journal.
To further enhance the embodiment of this vision, you can plant some seeds in little pots to sit on your altar. Give each pot the name of a specific desire or dream, and as you water and watch them come to life, you know that your dream is being made manifest in the physical realm as well.
Finally, if you can, light a fire outside tonight and enjoy some food and wine with friends and family. Sing, dance and revel in the Spring air. Happy Beltane!
love & pranams,

OM Appetit – Summer Solstice Celebration

OM Appetit – Summer Solstice Celebration



Wednesday, June 21, 2017
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm at a Secret Location in Prince George, BC

chanting, asana, pranayama and ceremony

OM Appétit

Join Carla for her 8th Annual OM Appétit to welcome the year’s longest day on June 21st at another special Summer Solstice Celebration!
Afterwards we will enjoy a delicious and authentic Indian dinner on the Nechako.

carla wainwright ho'oponopono peacemaker prince george
We will begin with a fabulous two hour flowing yoga class including chanting, asana, pranayama and ceremony dedicated to celebrating this most special of days.
Afterwards we will enjoy a delicious and authentic Indian dinner and wonderful company outside beside the Nechako River. Come be a part of what promises to be a deliciously amazing and fun evening! All levels welcome.
Registration is limited and spots have filled up very quickly in the past, so register early! **Please note, this event will be held off site. Address will be provided upon registration.
Cost: $63 + gst. Includes yoga and dinner. Click here to register.