Part 2 | Shakti Manifestation Ritual

Part 2 | Shakti Manifestation Ritual

Beloved, last week you experienced a deep soul journey of reflection, appreciation and gratitude to yourself on the visions, dreams, and intentions that have brought you to the next step of your journey! Congratulations, you are doing great and things are about to “up level” in untold ways (happy dance!).
Now that you have fully honoured the incredible being you are and appreciated the medicine that has been shared with you, it’s time to take these insights and weave them into the next evolution of your soul’s journey.*


Gather your sacred objects and set a beautiful sacred space for yourself. Meditate and ground into your body by bringing your energy and presence into your pelvic bowl.

Connecting with great Gaia’s core, feel yourself connected to your heart, yoni, and the entire web of life that connects all living things.

Really allow yourself to feel the pulsing vibration of love frequency emanating from the reality around you.

NOW, ask your higher self:

  • How do I truly wish to be embodied, expressed, receptive, & celebrated in 2019?

Listen deeply.

With your crafting materials, pens, markers, pencils and a large piece of paper, give yourself the permission to access your creative self. Turn on a delicious soundtrack that brings out your energy and joy.

Similar to mind-mapping, draw a representation of yourself in the centre of your paper (this could be a bird, angel, or lovely drawing of your current form), and from that centre, draw circles with the words: Embodied, Expressed, Receptive, & Celebrated.

From there write down aspects that pertain to how you want to experience your 2019. This practice will allow you to go deeper towards your soul’s truth, rather than skimming it through ‘goal-setting’.

  • Embodied: This can be relate to the way you experience your daily life and how you consciously choose to be the fullest embodiment of your feminine wisdom. Are you feeling called to more intimately explore your suppressed emotions, feeling the need to embody more of your soft feminine essence, or wanting more creative s p a c i o u s n e s s??
  • Expressed: Desiring to feel more courageous in the arts, try a new hobby, push your boundaries through a course, or blaze a new career path? Are you feeling the urge to paint more, to sing, or enrol in a dance class? Let the ideas flow free form….whatever comes through is perfect.
  • Receptive: How are you willing to be more receptive to: gifts, miracles, compliments, touch, intimacy, and the love and kindness of others, yourself, and the Universe? Will you allow yourself to work less and receive more, open up to more love & tenderness, and connect to a deeper relationship with the Spirit of Life itself? Do you need more space to listen?
  • Celebrated: How would you like to be celebrated – by your loved ones, family and friends? What would being celebrated in your work look and feel like?  How would you desire to celebrate yourself more, your success, and the juiciness of life? Perhaps dressing up for no reason, breaking out those ‘special occasion’ items more, or spending more time with uplifting and joyous people.

Allow this to be an evolution. You may need more than one session to play, dream, unfold and receive what your heart wants to share.

Place your paper near or on your altar, or hang it somewhere you’ll see it over the coming year often!

If you feel inspired to share how you want to be Embodied, Expressed, Receptive or Celebrated in 2019, head over to my Facebook Page and post there or hit reply to this email. I’d love to know what you are intending for this upcoming year. 

love & pranams,