According to Ayurveda (an ancient Indian system of medicine, health, and wellness), doshas are comprised of three bodily bioelements that are the foundation to one’s constitution. They are forever in a state of flux, day and night, winter, spring, summer, fall, full moon, new moon.
They central concept of Ayurvedic medicine is that your optimal health exists when there is a balance in all three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.
Vata is airy. Related to cold, dry, light, minute, and movement. Movement in the body is Vata. Pain in the body is also due to Vata: flatulence, gout, rheumatism, etc.
Pitta is fiery. It is the acid within your stomach, the flow to the liver, spleen, stomach, heart, skin. It’s related to heat, moist, liquid, sharp and sour. You know, those hot foods and the things it effects! Pitta energizes metabolism.
Kapha is the watery element. It’s related to heaviness, cold ,tenderness, softness, slowness and lubrication. This is the relieve from aching knees and burning pain.
Over the next weeks, we’ll be discussing each of the doshas separately with a focus on their Ayurvedic principles to hopefully encourage the smooth functioning bodily bioelements!
So I ask you, do you know if your doshas are balanced? And if so, how do you know?