Throughout history women have come together to celebrate the sacred feminine and to support one another – during times of menstruation, to share in child care, to support birth, to cook together and to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers. These circles were nurturing, connective environments where there would always be a sister to lean on in times of need and a sister to dance with in times of celebration. The simple act of gathering to support one another became a potent ritual – transforming the mundane into sacred and connecting deeply with the feminine.
The advent of industrialization and an increasing emphasis on individualization in our more recent history led to a loss of these gatherings, and the wisdom that was passed down from generation to generation. Fortunately women across the globe are feeling drawn once again to come together and create circle, ritual and community.
If you are feeling called to experience the ancient art of circling and the power of the feminine, I invite you to join me and a sisterhood of likeminded women this September for a 3 day Embracing Shakti Retreat at Camp Friendship just outside of Prince George, September 13-16, 2018. I have been leading these retreats for more than 7 years and they are always one of the highlights of my year. Here is just some of what we will enjoy:

  • An opportunity to step into community and loving self care. And to get away from the busy-ness of regular life.
  • Yoga & Breathwork practices to dive deep into the inner landscape of our bodies
  • Tantric practices that help us open into juicy sensuality and get turned ON by life!
  • Learning about lunar cycles and how we can attune into natural rhythms
  • Ceremony and Sacred Ritual
  • Deep nourishment with gourmet vegetarian meals prepared by chef Rebekah Smiley
  • Abundant time to relax and explore the surrounding wilderness

Carla Wainwright - Embracing Shakti Camp Friendship 2018
If there is something in you wanting more, asking to be heard and realized, I encourage you to heed the call and seek that which you desire. There are just 4 spaces left for this retreat and early pricing of $625+gst ends on the New Moon August 11th. Full price is $700+gst.
Curious, interested or want to know more about how to make this retreat a reality? Drop me a note anytime.
“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” ~ Lalah Delia
love & pranams,