The Kapha Dosha. The earth and the water. It’s translation is: “that which sticks,” so beware of the immensity of Kapha’s motion. The water is in the lubrication for your existence, through physically lubricated joints and motion. It is the elastic that holds your existence together.
Physically, you may feel it as dampness, cold, heavy, dull, sticky, swampy, dense, cloudy.
Mentally, Kapha will govern patience, love, greed, forgiveness, and attachment. It will ground the fire of Pitta, and slow down the flight of Vata.
It’s located in the chest, throat, lungs, head, lymph nodes, all your tissue, ligaments, and tendons. All things that work as the physical function of your body: structure to our tissue, lubrication to our ligaments, energy to our organs, healing our wounds.
Does this sound like you, or a source of your imbalance?
Unbalanced Kapha can lead to a murky existence that harbours all sorts of bodily disorders such as mucous issues like sinus congestion, lung phlegm, or obesity. Being dormant with dominant Kapha can lead to lethargy, attachment, and depression. Overeating and sweets can throw the Kapha off balance, and you should really just stop that eating to offset emotions right away. Staying indoors too much as a couch potato will throw Kapha off, as is avoiding physical challenges. Speaking of challenges, avoiding intellectual challenges can also put Kapha out of balance.
So, it’s easy to see that a balanced Kapha will look like freedom, positivity, healthy action, learning.
To go towards a balanced Kapha, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • warm and light foods are a great choice, this means heated dry foods. Too much damp food and you’ll be doing your stimulating fire no good. Avoid fatty foods, deep fried foods, dairy, or heavy foods as they will weigh you down. Pungent foods will heat that inner Kapha up though. Focus on hot foods. Ginger is a good idea, as it stimulates the stomach, so is honey, cumin, sesame seed, or tumeric.
  • avoid a lifestyle that is filled with excessive luxuries and leisure. This will encourage your mind and body to be over fed and under stimulated, which harbours lethargy.
  • practice non-attachment. This may be as simple as letting another cook make the soup, or as complex as letting another person clean out your own clothes closet. Go with the flow, feel the excitement of the journey.
  • check in with your emotions to make sure they’re stimulated and cleaned. It’s a sad way to be if you lose your emotions because they’ve become stifled with oppression or muffled by passive tendencies.
  • practice taking control of some situations, from going grocery shopping without consulting everybody for anything they need and buying things you think they may need, to leading the way out on the trail while you’re hiking.
  • create a schedule. Regiment yourself with stimulation and engagements that ensure you’re not getting idle!