Utkatasana – or chair pose – is possibly one of the most overlooked pose out there. It feels a little funny, but does it ever work that whole core area from your knees to your shoulders.
Start Utkatasana in Tadasana, standing tall with legs naturally separated and arms at your hips. On an inhale, slowly raise your arms parallel to the ground and bend your knees as if you’re about to sit gingerly into a chair.
Keep mindful about the bottoms of your feet pushing into the ground.
Shift your body as you feel into this pose to bring your upper thighs as close to parallel with the floor as you can, making about a 90 degree between your lower and upper legs. You’ll notice your upper torso wants to lean forward slightly, which is ok, and your knees will be stacked over your toes.
When you find your comfort with your legs, bring your arms up towards the sky for an adjustment. Avoid bringing them too high that your shoulders touch your ears. This is avoided by strengthening your shoulders and shoulder blades towards your spine.
This is a strengthening pose, so hold it for as long as possible. I find I like to push myself further by slightly pumping my upper body up and down to circulate some blood through the legs.
Feel free to have a coffee and read the paper while you’re seated. 🙂