The extended puppy pose, or Uttana Shishosana, is technically considered an inversion pose. It’s kind of what you’d think would be a combination between downward dog and childs pose, and does amazing things to stretching out that spine and back.
To start, find your way to your mat – on your knees and hands. As you stack your hips and shoulders above your knees and wrists, feel free to start ever so lightly adjusting your wrists slowly forward. It is also ok to curl your toes so they are also resting on the floor.
Once you’re comfortable, slowly begin to bring your bum towards your heels, and allow your head to slowly drop towards the floor, allowing your neck to relax. You will find your hands slowly extending outwards from you. Try to avoid letting your elbows touch the ground!
It feels really nice to have your back slightly arched here. To feel extra stretch, push through your hands to the floor and slowly extend your hips backwards.
To finish, allow your hips to come to the ground and bring your hands back towards your shoulder.
Photo by the wonderful @bobbicarpinostudio