When I woke up this morning I felt tired and anxious. Lots on my to do list, not quite enough sleep and many people (including 3 kids and a partner) who depend on me in so many ways. Maybe you can relate, waking up and immediately feeling like you are about to start 15+ hour race.

And then I remembered. I could pause. I could take a deep breath. A few deep breaths. I could move and shake my body, let go of tension and drop the burdens weighing down my physical form.

And in just a few moments everything changed. I felt lighter. I felt appreciation for my body. I felt hopeful. I felt present.

It’s powerful what creating a few minutes for yourself, your emotions, your heart and your soul does to your life.

It’s said that it takes 30 days to create a new habit in your life, however I’ve seen powerful shifts occur in my life, in as little as 13 days, especially when witnessed, supported and cheered on by others.

When we know we have a whole community rooting for us, our growth, and our sacred practice – it’s elevating to say the least! The number 13 is also the magical number of the feminine, and as we return to honouring this divine number, we begin subtly weaving that divine energy back into the fabric of our being.

If you would like to experience more ease, flow, expansion and juiciness in your life, I’d like to invite you to join my FREE 13 Day Embracing Shakti Journey that starts on February 4th. For 13 consecutive days, you will receive a morning email with a short and powerful self-care practice that you can easily integrate into your day.

Wondering how just 13 days can have an impact? Here are some testaments of the potent transformation, remembrance and joy that can occur in just 13 days.

“The ESM – 13 Day Journey helped me be more in touch with myself and my divine feminine energy. I realize that I often put other priorities ahead of myself and noticed that when I slowed down and followed Carla’s practices I was much more connected with myself. I found this journey overall to be empowering! I felt stronger within myself, and also felt the support of the community. Even though this practice was online, I always felt part of the larger group of sisters. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to reconnect to themselves and their divine feminine.” ~ Christina Bianchini

“Each practice was short and easy to fit into my busy day, and gave immediate, positive results. I could instantly feel the difference, which motivated me to keep going with each new practice. The supportive community and feedback from the Facebook group was also nourishing, grounding, and really helped with some of the emotional aspects that came up in some practices. The journey helped me understand that I can generate, amplify, and direct Shakti energy through my body at will using breath, intention, and movement.”
-Debbie Keahey

Sound good? I think so too!! For all the details and to get yourself registered, click here: https://embracingshaktimovement.com